GMN support services

GMN In-house Support

GMN in-house support


For over six decades GMN has been helping our clients in multiple industries take the guesswork out of developing superior products. Our engineering team is here to provide expert guidance on all aspects of product development, from beginning to end. We’re committed to meeting rigorous quality standards and ensuring quality processes to help our clients’ programs run smarter and get products to market quickly and cost effectively.

Color matching

After decades of experience producing nameplates for global brands, we understand that achieving an exact color match for the products we produce is key to maintaining our clients’ brand integrity. You can trust the experts at GMN to produce an exact color match, whether you’re designing for a new product, redesigning an existing product, or seeking a second manufacturer for a current product. 

Materials management

GMN’s streamlined material management process takes the hassle and risk out of your supply chain so you can focus on what matters most – your business. We work with select suppliers with a diverse range of capabilities who care about quality as much as we do, ultimately simplifying your supply chain, while our one-stop shop brings value to every part of your project's stage. We have established preferred converter status with several of our suppliers including 3M, Rogers Corporation, and Laird Technologies, allowing us to provide superior service and more efficient, cost-effective material solutions. 

GMN Preferred Converters


We understand that the look of a device is as important as the technology inside it. GMN’s in-house art department works side-by-side with our design and engineering teams, offering unparalleled support during the design process. Our teams fully understand how art can impact the manufacturing processes and will help bring your artistic vision to life in the final product. 


In-house tooling services allow GMN to control the quality, design and materials put into your tooling. Proper tooling sets the foundation for successful manufacturing and helps ensure parts meet specifications.