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February 2019
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Membrane switch

When MESA Labs was facing unforeseen hiccups during the development of their new dialysate meter, GMN’s technical expertise and rapid prototyping services provided them with a highly durable and performance-driven solution.

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Value-added assembly for iSolved

When iSolved approached GMN for a graphic overlay prototype, GMN expanded its realm of expertise to deliver a value-added, cost-effective solution by streamlining its varied capabilities.

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Die-cut components

Faraday Bicycles called on GM Nameplate to develop a custom die-cut sealing solution that would ensure the functionality of their electric bicycle in any environment.

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ElectraGraphic nameplate

GMN’s diverse capabilities allowed for the development and manufacturing of Percussor’s ElectraGraphic nameplates under one roof, including screen printing, photo-imaging, decorative gold plating, die-cutting and laser-marking.

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Fujifilm SonoSite iViz

When SonoSite needed help making their portable ultrasound device as slim and lightweight as possible, while still being durable, they came to GM Nameplate.

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When LEVL was in need of a backlit user interface for their health and wellness device, GMN was able to turn their idea into a reality with a custom backlighting solution.

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Embossed label

When Starbucks was in need of a custom label for their holiday gift card, GMN was able to turn their idea into a reality through precise embossing and custom metallic inks.

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Custom nameplates

GM Nameplate was able to step in and provide Polaris Victory Motorcycles with a custom gas tank badge that met all of their environmental and design requirements after they ran into difficulties with another supplier.

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Medical device membrane

Philips Respironics came to GMN to manufacture an overlay and a membrane for their ventilator, relying on GMN's rapid prototyping and medical industry expertise to manufacture the right overlay.  

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Printing processes

GM Nameplate’s rapid prototyping services helped The Fluke Corporation find the most effective printing process for their challenging graphic overlay solution. 

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UL compliant labels

When MiTAC International Corp. needed UL compliant labels with a high opacity level, GM Nameplate was able to meet both funtional and aesthetic requirements. 

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Value-added assembly

GM Nameplate was able to provide SonoSite with multiple cosmetic and functional components for their X-Porte Ultrasound System. 

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Plastic assembly for gear shift indicator

When Toyota and their tier one supplier needed a gear shift indicator, GMN stepped in to provide an ideal solution through an extensive painting system and laser etching technology. 

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Metal wine label

GMN worked to Childress Vineyards to create a one-of-a-kind metal label for their 2011 Chardonnay.

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Custom BISCO® silicone gasket

John Deere's front panel display assemblies required a custom gasket that met all functional needs for the environment of the application. 

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Cosmetic badging

GMN worked with Lombardi Design & Manufacturing and their end customer to create brilliant, one-of-a-kind, decorative cosmetic badging. 

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Custom graphic overlay

GMN worked with FireEye to create a custom graphic overlay that preserved the aesthetic of their design while offering a cost-savings advantage.

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Front panel integration

When leading farming equipment manufacturer John Deere needed reliable and durable display integration for their tractors, they turned to GMN for help developing and manufacturing the display assemblies.

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Plastic housings

Anritsu consolidated their supply chain with GMN's plastic injection molding and decoration capabilities allowing the customer to source multiple product variations from one manufacturer.

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Membrane switch prototyping

GMN's rapid prototyping services made it possible for GE Transportation to have a working membrane switch and graphic overlay assembly in under 2 weeks.

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