Washington's top private companies

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By Kyle Duggan | Jul 15, 2015
GMN headquarters in Seattle, WA

We at GM Nameplate are proud to announce our position as the 46th largest private company in the state of Washington based on our 2014 revenue stream. Every year, the Puget Sound Business Journal compiles a list of the largest private companies headquartered in Washington state ranked from 1-100. The standing of each company is derived from total revenues reported at the end of the previous fiscal year. Having brought in a total of 29.99 billion dollars in 2014 combined, the top 100 private companies in Washington represent an economic force to be reckoned with providing over 37,000 jobs to the area.

GMN’s V.P. of Sales and Marketing, Gerry Gallagher, reflected on the company’s rank expressing “we are fortunate to be recognized within such an elite group here in Washington. With many new opportunities on the horizon, our company expects sustained growth and to remain a strong manufacturing company in the state Washington.”

GMN just celebrated its 60th year of business, being founded in 1954, and is showing no sign of slowing down securing its role as the largest manufacturer in the city of Seattle. Over the past few years we have continued to move up this list and intend to maintain this trend well into the future.