Wahl Clipper ElectraGraphic nameplate

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By Leanne Coffroth | Aug 15, 2019
ElectraGraphic nameplate for Wahl Clipper

Wahl Clippers Corporation (Wahl), a leader in the professional and hair grooming industry, approached GMN to create a nameplate for its 100-year special edition cordless hair clipper. To mark its centennial anniversary, Wahl was looking for an elegant, jewel-like nameplate that embodied the aesthetics of the early 1900s.

GMN not only proposed different solutions and materials but also created a few prototypes. However, one solution that instantly caught Wahl’s attention was ElectraGraphics - the process of electroplating of stainless steel with chrome to achieve a low-profile nameplate. Meeting at the crossroads of elegance and durability, ElectraGraphics offered the best choice for creating a crisp, corrosion-resistant nameplate. 

To begin with the manufacturing process, a brush-finished stainless steel sheet of 0.018” thickness was screen printed with the desired colors. Then, the metal sheets were electroplated by submerging them sequentially into five separate chemical tanks consisting of an acid dip, nickel wood strike, copper, nickel sulfate, and chrome. The electroplating process is extremely critical to the aesthetics and longevity of the nameplate. Even the smallest variation in the temperature, chemical composition, voltage, and length of immersion in any of the plating tanks can result in unwanted chipping, peeling, or flaking of the plated layers. The Wahl project was one of the largest ElectraGraphics orders in GMN’s history, requiring the plating tanks to operate at their highest capacities. To meet the high volumes with the utmost consistency, the technical experts at GMN meticulously monitored and controlled the entire electroplating process. In the end, the metal sheets were die-cut into the required medallion shape. 

Despite a few challenges, GMN was able to timely deliver a high-quality nameplate to Wahl for their commemorative clipper. The sleek nameplate was mechanically attached to the metal housing of the clipper with two rivets. GMN’s extensive experience, in-house capabilities, and technical expertise in ElectraGraphics allowed for expanded partnerships in the personal care and cosmetics industry.