Video: Automation in fabrication

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By Brad Root | Mar 28, 2019
Robotic automation at GMN

From steam engines to mass production to digital technology, the shifting landscape of manufacturing has paved the path for the fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0. Marked by the automation and digitization of the manufacturing processes, Industry 4.0 throws the spotlight on “smart manufacturing”. GMN has always been in the vanguard of adopting new technologies and has embraced automation from the early days to meet the most articulate needs of our customers. Featuring everything from assembly lines to inspection booths, our latest video will give you a glimpse into the robotic automation utilized at GMN.

GMN is gradually implementing autonomous systems throughout the different phases of production including part handling, assembly, rapid prototyping, inspection, and more. On the factory floor, accomplishing even the most routine tasks like loading and unloading parts or transporting parts from one station to the other on the assembly line can be extremely tedious. By eliminating such repetitive and time-consuming activities with automation, GMN is able to create more engaging opportunities for our skilled workforce. As seen in the video, technological advancements have equipped us to program custom multi-jointed robots to successfully handle tiny, irregular, or complex-shaped components with the utmost dexterity. Whether it is aligning and assembling two components, applying a uniform layer of liquid adhesive, bonding two surfaces with consistent pressure, or uniformly spraying paint on a part, robotic automation has allowed GMN to maintain speed, accuracy, and consistency that is unmatched by humans. Contrary to popular belief that robots are employed to replace humans, GMN envisions a future where humans and robots work collaboratively alongside each other.

While automation is taking massive strides at GMN, our unwavering focus has always been on quality and value creation. Today, GMN is leveraging real-time data to optimize operations, streamline processes, and boost productivity. For instance, the engineers at GMN rely on historic and real-time data to perform predictive maintenance on its tools and machinery. By forecasting machine failure ahead of time, it can reduce machine downtime and maintain quicker response times for production issues. With the integration of smart interconnected systems, GMN is transforming the way it identifies, manages, and eliminates production bottleneck.

In this automation era, when the time from conceptualization to creation is shrinking faster than ever, GMN understands that efficiency and agility are key in delivering high-quality products. Hence, automation at GMN is not only reserved for high and medium-volume production runs, but also deployed for developing our quick-turn prototyping solutions.

The computerization of manufacturing has opened doors to greater efficiency and truly enabled GMN in increasing output and streamlining production. With unremitting efforts and initiatives towards automating our entire value chain, GMN is steadily inching towards its vision of a “smart factory”. To see how GMN is adopting automation in fabrication across all its global divisions, watch our video below.