Verifone dome enclosures

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By Mervyn Soh | Jun 23, 2016
Verifone dome enclosures

In an effort to meet growing customer demand for dome enclosures, GMN’s Singapore Division needed to find an automated alternative to the manual process that had been used for years.

 While fulfilling an order for Verifone, a provider of electronic payment transactions, for the assembly of metal domes, GMN’s Singapore Division realized that the current equipment wasn’t able to meet the quantities needed in the allotted time. Each Verifone part required 21 round metal domes with a position accuracy within .15 millimeters.

 In an early attempt to meet these program requirements, the GMN team fabricated a manual placement jig using a high precision CNC machine. Through this process, operators needed to place the round metal dome pieces onto the jig one by one using a pincer tool. From there, the part was placed onto the jig where it was assembled together. In total, this process took 120 seconds to complete per part. After the first few production runs it was clear that this method wasn’t going to meet the program time and quantity requirements.

 Although the current equipment was able to achieve the tight tolerance of .15 millimeters, it wasn’t able to do so by the customer’s required delivery date. Because of this, GMN technical experts went in search of a new automated process. Custom equipment was designed and built per GMN’s specifications. In a matter of weeks, GMN was able to utilize this new automation. In an incredible show of efficiency, the process time was reduced from 120 seconds per part using the manual jig down to 3 seconds using the new automated machine. The machine is an instant assembly process, meaning that all of the domes are assembled in a single stroke and can now handle roll to roll placement designs. The parts produced on the new machine are all within Verifone’s specifications as well. With such a great result, GMN will continue to utilize this machine for several other programs in the future.