Vendor consolidation from GM Nameplate

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By Elise Harrington | Jul 30, 2014
Streamline your supply chain with GM Nameplate

When considering which suppliers to work with, it’s important to look at every detail that will go into making the product.  Will you need engineering and design assistance?  How many and what types of components will go into the final product?  What kind of electronic components will be involved? Where and how will the parts be assembled?  What types of printing and fabrication capabilities are necessary?  Will you incorporate plastic bezels or overlays?  When evaluating all of the factors that go into manufacturing a product and the amount of communication that will be involved, it can quickly become overwhelming.  GM Nameplate offers a solution to that problem, allowing customers the ability to consolidate vendors over the entire production chain.

Within the manufacturing industry, vendor consolidation is a growing trend as it allows customers to save time and money.  GM Nameplate’s diverse and value-added capabilities allow for companies to take advantage of cost-savings.  By offering multiple aspects of production rather than just a single capability, it results in direct benefits to the customer.

Fewer suppliers, means reduced communication which ultimately saves time.  A stronger line of communication with one vendor rather than scattered communication with multiple vendors means you get the peace of mind that your vision won’t get lost. Consolidating vendors also means fewer invoices, lower delivery costs, and faster lead times of the final component.

GM Nameplate is continually adding complementary capabilities to provide value-added products for our customers.  We have the capabilities to take ownership of the entire process from conception to completed part. The variety of skills we offer is something we hope all of our customers will take advantage of and we will continue to grow our capabilities in the future.  To learn more about our value-added services and how they can help your organization, explore our capabilities.