Value-added assembly with GMN Automotive

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By Richard Smylie | Feb 13, 2017
Value-added assembly for PRNDL

The various steps and processes that go into developing a product require companies to outsource numerous parts and services from several outside suppliers. Working with multiple suppliers can be challenging and expensive, with inconsistencies in quality standards, lead times, and communication methods. GMN Automotive can help you avoid this hassle with value-added solutions that limit the number of suppliers involved.

With a broad spectrum of in-house capabilities and a world-class quality system, GMN Automotive helps customers streamline their supply chain. We can take ownership of the entire manufacturing process from early development through final assembly. Our expertise in a variety of technologies allows us to supply diverse solutions to the automotive industry including custom metal and plastic sheet decoration, adhesive lamination, bonded electronic displays, and many more.

Vendor consolidation not only saves time and money, but increases efficiency, predictability, and control. Having one centralized communication channel with a single company versus scattered conversations with multiple vendors, means your vision won’t get lost. This integration allows customers to see how each component will work together beforehand to ensure that the final product will function as intended.

Recently, an interior trim Tier 1 company was in need of an armrest application. They wanted a base and a highline armrest, but each required different process constructions. The base model required an injection molded construction, while the highline model called for the base model to be wrapped in metal with a custom color and finish. The company could’ve contracted two different vendors to take care of each process, but GMN Automotive was able to produce both models, which streamlined operations, reduced costs, and optimized communication.

Instead of creating one component or taking care of one process, GMN Automotive can provide comprehensive solutions that deliver a fully functional, plug-and-play tested device.  GMN Automotive will continue to grow our complimentary capabilities to bring customers high-quality, value-added products. To learn more about our value-added capabilities, check out our value-added assembly page.