University of Washington aerospace round table

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By Paul Michaels | Jun 01, 2016
Foster Round Table

A few weeks ago, an aerospace round table was held in Mackenzie Hall at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. The focus of this session was to discuss ways to help grow minority and women-owned aerospace firms and to assist smaller aerospace companies become more effective suppliers. GMN Aerospace teamed up with The Boeing Company for this event to collaborate and share ideas with representatives from various small aerospace suppliers.

Vice president of GMN Aerospace, Carlo Mears, was asked to help facilitate the discussion. The participants shared challenges and had a problem-solving discussion concerning topics such as industry trends and best business development practices to win contracts.

This round table provided an open forum for collaboration between both big and small aerospace companies. It emphasized that, regardless of the size of an organization, all companies within the aerospace industry face many of the same challenges and can benefit from learning from one another’s experiences.