Unifying our departments at GMN Aerospace

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By Mark Evans | Sep 29, 2015
Unifying Departments

The GMN Aerospace team is continually making efforts to improve our processes and operate as a Lean organization. This includes our recent restructuring efforts to improve collaboration between our quality control department and the rest of manufacturing. The goal is for quality control to become a full contributor to solving workflow issues. Two of the most critical internal supplier/customer relationships in our value stream exist between our fabrication cell and final inspection areas. GMN Aerospace’s ability to please our external customers depends on synergy between these two areas.

Our efforts started by leveraging off of our recent productivity from the aerospace final inspection Value Stream Team (VST) event we held last year in collaboration with The Boeing Company. Brian McCarthy from Boeing led the VST with a cross-functional team from GMN Aerospace. We hope to run a similar project with the fabrication group later this year. We are excited to see the outcome and improvements that will come after both departments have completed a common VST experience.

Moving forward our goal is to encourage each of GMN Aerospace department to operate as an independent organization. Strengthening the individual departments with the broader understanding of how each department contributes to the entire GMN Aerospace manufacturing value stream.