Trends from the Seattle Aircraft Interiors Expo

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By Paul Michaels | Oct 22, 2013
Aircraft Interiors Expo 2013

Earlier this month we got to attend this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo at the Washington State Convention Center. Like last year there were some apparent industry trends.

Demand for lighter travel – Smaller seats, lighter materials and construction, the need to decrease weight has been an on-going trend in the industry. Nearly every exhibitor at the Expo was an example of this – whether they manufacture flight attendant food and beverage cars, seating or plastic components.

Growing focus on the customer experience – Whether through in-flight entertainment, comfortable seating and interior aesthetics, interior graphics and design, or even passenger takeaways. It’s interesting to see the growing focus towards improving the passenger experience in the industry. At GMN Aerospace we have already worked on some projects related to this, including exterior graphics and custom baggage tags.

Carbon Fiber – The demand for the carbon fiber look and material continues. Last year we produced custom baggage tags using a carbon fiber material. This year at the Expo we saw multiple interior component samples featuring some version of the carbon fiber finish.

It’s interesting to attend the annual expo and see what’s new in the industry. Most industry trends last for years, it’s exciting to see how they develop and evolve year after year.