Trends from the Aircraft Interiors Expo

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By Elise Harrington | Sep 28, 2012
Aircraft Interiors Expo

This week we got to visit the Aircraft Interiors Expo at the Washington State Convention Center. Between air fresheners, fabrics, seating, carpets and plastics, there are so many elements to just the interior of an aircraft. After walking the show, we noticed a few trends at this year’s interior expo.

One of the biggest trends we noticed at the expo was the growing emphasis on galley design in the aircraft. However, as Chris Pirie from Teague pointed out in his presentation, the galley is usually where passengers enter the aircraft and it represents the beginning of their customer experience with the airline. Although the galley is typically not an area where passengers spend a significant amount of time, its appearance and aesthetics are not just viewed by crew members, but passengers as well. Why not have a galley that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing?

On display at Zodiac Aerospace’s booth was their galley and its customizable magnetic covers. The removable graphics can be printed with anything the airline chooses — from a landscape of one of its destinations to a simple pattern. But the best benefit of these graphics is that they are printed on each side. If one side gets scuffed or damaged, it can be flipped to keep the airplane looking clean and top of the line.

In Chris Pirie’s (Business Development Director, Teague) presentation, we learned about their project with B/E Aerospace to create the Essence Inserts Collection for galley systems. The new design features clean lines and modern elements. Their collection looks up to date, and makes the appliances look as good as their technology.

We were very excited to be able to go to the Aircraft Interiors Expo. It was fun to see all the new technology and trends in the industry. I can’t wait to see any of the products we saw on an actual airplane!