Technical upgrades improve response time

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By Dave Klinkman | Feb 27, 2016
Technical Upgrades to Improve Response Time

GM Nameplate is always searching for fresh ways to make our manufacturing processes more efficient. Recently, we acquired new equipment that allows for quicker responses to Aerospace emergent requests.  This equipment was put to the test when GMN Aerospace was able to complete a time sensitive project in record time.

The two additions to our inventory include a flatbed plotter cutter, and a direct to screen LED exposure unit in our screen printing process. The time savings generated by this new equipment was recently quantified when an emergent request for a 6 color decorative marker with contour trimming was accomplished from order entry through inspection and packaging in 11 hours total running time.

The request dealt with a complex logo that required precise color matching and shading. Therefore, this necessitated the use of screen over digital printing. The new direct to screen unit saves time through eliminating the step of developing a film positive. The digital file was able to be sent straight from the art department to the machine to print. Afterwards, the print file was sent directly to the flatbed plotter to cut out the logo in a short time flow. In addition to its high speed, this plotter provides the only solution for extremely accurate cutting without involving tooling.

This new equipment is helping to decrease the number of hand-offs and steps our products need to go through. The increased efficiency brought by these technical upgrades has helped strengthen GMN’s ability to aptly respond to customer requests with quick turnaround times.