Roll coating line

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By Richard Smylie | Aug 13, 2015
Roll coating line for automotive finishes at GMN Automotive

At our Monroe, North Carolina Division, GMN Automotive is equipped with various metal decorating, finishing, and coating capabilities. One of the most important metal capabilities we offer is our roll coat line which is widely used for customers in the appliance, automotive, and cosmetic industries. The roll coating line is used for both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Almost every aluminum part we produce for automotive customers is roll coated prior to decoration and fabrication. GMN Automotive’s roll coat line can achieve the following:

  • Customized performance-driven coatings developed for each application  (includes base and top coats)
  • Custom aesthetics, colors, tints, and gloss levels
  • Smudge-proof, anti-fingerprints, abrasion resistant, and high heat tolerant topcoats
  • Anti-microbial coatings
  • More durability and higher performance than coil coated constructions

Roll coatings are utilized to address both visual and functional construction demands. Coatings are available with transparent or opaque colors, full gloss or matte finishes, and with different tactile values. Utilizing coatings allows your construction to maintain its design intent when subject to extreme environmental conditions – whether it’s an automotive exterior, appliance range, or frequently-handled personal care product. Applying a base coat with the roll coat line promotes ink adhesion and enhances durability, offering protection for abrasion and corrosion.  In the past we’ve used our roll coat lines to add a transparent yellow coating onto aluminum to create a gold jewelry-looking part.

GMN Automotive has developed custom coatings for stainless steel as well. While the purpose of the coatings are primarily aesthetic, they also improve scratch resistance. In the automotive industry, it is an integral step for components undergoing physical wear and tear through repeated use.

Thanks to our roll coating capabilities, GMN Automotive can offer metal components that stand up to regular wear and tear and won’t corrode from repeated exposure to outdoor elements. Our next GMN Automotive blog will feature two parts that utilized our roll coating line. Stay tuned!