Rogers Corporation Preferred Converter status

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By Paul Michaels | Oct 23, 2015
Rogers Corporation GMN Aerospace

Earlier this year GMN became a preferred converter for Rogers Corporation. The company’s preferred converter status means GMN and GMN Aerospace can provide and fabricate PORON® and BISCO® materials direct to its customers – faster and more affordable than before.

PORON and BISCO materials are the leading names in advanced materials for sealing, shielding, gasketing, energy absorption and other applications. PORON high quality urethanes withstand repeated and long term compression better than alternative materials available. BISCO silicones provide design solutions for seals, gaskets, cushions, and other functional purposes. BISCO material can also have flame resistant benefits that may be necessary for some applications.

For GMN Aerospace customers already producing products that must meet Boeing Manufacturing Specification (BMS) 1-68, the new preferred converter status means that GMN Aerospace has streamlined its supply chain to provide faster and more affordable end products. As a preferred converter, we are aligned with Rogers to provide the best possible collaboration for our projects.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Rogers Corporation in aerospace,” said Carlo Mears, vice president of GMN Aerospace. “Our customers are constant in their pursuit of affordability and partnering with Rodgers allows us to build our value proposition while maintaining a competitive option for our customers.”

At GMN Aerospace, PORON and BISCO materials are supplied roll or converted into die-cut components used for a variety of functional purposes. GMN has already been fabricating PORON urethanes and BISCO silicones for more than 15 years.

*PORON and BISCO are licensed trademarks of Rogers Corporation.