Paul Michaels speaks at 2018 annual PNAA Aerospace Conference

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By Lauren Rowles | Feb 22, 2018
PNAA Aerospace Conference

At this year’s 17th annual Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) Conference, Paul Michaels, GMN Aerospace’s Corporate Director, was asked to share his insights on the importance of striving for excellence within the aerospace industry. As a past recipient of PNAA’s Aerospace Executive of the Year Award, Michaels also had the honor of recognizing previous award winners in the audience during the event’s banquet dinner.

This event took place from February 12-15th, and there were over 600 attendees, representing more than 350 companies from over 10 countries. The theme for the 2018 conference was “Leading Through Change – Managing Transformation”. The focus was to recognize the transformation of how airplanes are currently being designed, developed, and manufactured within the industry.

“We operate in an environment where cost reductions and increased efficiencies are front and center,” said Michaels. “At GMN Aerospace, our passion is embracing advanced manufacturing techniques by a performance-based culture, focused on continuous improvements. I’m always honored to share our story while recognizing the achievements of our peers in the industry.”

Photo by April O’Donahue