Paul Michaels speaks at 2017 PNAA Conference

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By Lauren Rowles | May 11, 2017
PNAA Speech

At this year’s Annual Aerospace Conference hosted by the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance, Paul Michaels, GMN Aerospace’s Corporate Director, was asked to speak about his experience receiving the Aerospace Executive of the Year Award last year, as well as present the award to this year’s recipient.

Michaels was honored to share how being recognized as the Aerospace Executive of the Year impacted GMN Aerospace. Michaels attributed his success to the contributions of the entire GMN Aerospace team, which made the award was a source of pride for everyone in the group.

“This recognition was a result of our team’s commitment to customer engagement and collaboration, and a dedication to fostering a culture of excellence,” said Michaels.

Click below to watch some highlights from Michaels’ speech and learn more about GMN Aerospace’s journey to creating a “culture of excellence.”