Paul Michaels’ presentation at the PNAA 2014 Aerospace Conference

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By Carlo Mears | Feb 07, 2014
PNAA Presentation 2014

Yesterday, GMN Aerospace Director, Paul Michaels, spoke at the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance 2014 Aerospace Conference. 


Michaels presented on the “Navigating through Change” section of the Conference. His presentation discussed the evolving demands of Aerospace manufacturers and how suppliers can be successful in meeting their growing needs.


A trending topic in manufacturing today is the need to reduce costs within the supply chain. In addition to implementing cost down initiatives and requiring better overall quality and delivery, manufacturers are also looking at reducing their own supply base. So what does this mean to Aerospace suppliers? That they have to constantly get better.


PNAA Aerospace Conference 2014
Photo by April O’Donahue


For an Aerospace supplier to effectively meet the growing demands of customers, they must find ways to reduce cost in every aspect of their production – reducing waste, labor, and time, while also improving quality and delivery speed. Michaels discussed how GMN Aerospace has been successful in doing this with our customers, by supporting a culture of collaboration and continually working to improve and streamline our production processes.


For GMN Aerospace, meeting the growing needs of our customers has meant working and collaborating with them more closely, to create and maintain efficiencies, and learn what we can do to better serve customers. In the last year and half, by working with its customers GMN Aerospace has reduced its cycle times as well as improving its quality and delivery ratings significantly. In addition, better serving our customers has also meant expanding our capabilities and processes. By offering more, we are able to help customers reduce their supply chain, in turn resulting in cost savings for the customer.


The “Navigating through Change” portion of the conference also featured a presentation from Stephane Campion, vice president and head of business line Aerostructure at Sogerma.