Overcoming tight tolerance challenges for Fluke Corporation

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By Anna Minzel | Oct 29, 2015
Overlay for the Fluke Corporation

GM Nameplate has had a long history of working with Fluke Corporation, a producer of electronic test and measurement tools. GMN began supplying to Fluke from the company’s beginning and the two have been working together ever since. Over the years, GMN has produced overlays for many of Fluke’s measuring devices.

Creating an overlay for Fluke’s 5730A High Performance Multifunction Calibrator was one of the most challenging projects in the partnership’s history. Multiple overlays were manufactured by GMN for this product, including the thin gray strip on the top of the device as well as the overlay behind the cord plug-ins. The latter overlay was difficult to produce because it has so many different holes, making accurate registration really important. In order to ensure that the registration was done correctly and that the overlay would fit on correctly, a laser was used rather than a steel rule die. The laser has the tight tolerance levels that the overlay needed for accuracy, but isn’t as expensive as class A tooling can be. These overlays were made in GMN’s North Carolina division.

GMN was able to meet Fluke’s cost requirements and project requirements by offering a variety of overlay material and shearing solutions. After many years as a supplier, GMN and Fluke Corporation continue to partner together on both old and new projects.