One-time battery packs

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By David Hauskins | Sep 08, 2016
Custom molding process for battery packs

Elite Plastics has been involved in a program for one-time battery packs used in downhole oil and gas drilling test equipment. These battery packs are exposed to extremely high levels of heat and pressure, so their casing is made out of a high glass fiber content and high temperature resistant material. This combination allows the part to withstand its intense environmental conditions.

A single part is molded and then CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machined to create the top and bottom housing for the pack. After the machining process, the part is pad printed with high temperature resistant ink.

However, the part’s high glass content causes complications during the molding process, such as non-linear warping, which can make it difficult to ensure that the surfaces of the part come out flat and smooth. The customer has strict requirements regarding flatness, so the team at Elite Plastics had to modify its manufacturing process in order to align with their expectations. Through various tool and process adjustments, the team successfully created a process to manufacture and assemble the battery packs with smooth surfaces that met the customer’s requirements.