A Nod to Mod at the 2012 Aircraft Interiors Expo

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By Cynthia Schulte | Oct 02, 2012
Aircraft Interiors Expo 2012

Having read Elise’s article, Trends from the Aircraft Interiors Expo, I would like to highlight the trend that was most apparent to me; the mod aesthetic.  From the lines of the interior fixtures and color choices to the patterns and lighting, one trend was clear – there was a distinctly 1960’s feel.

It makes perfect sense when you consider the target market for most airlines.  When it comes to coach, seats are essentially a commodity and airlines are primarily competing on price.  However, as airlines try to differentiate their products and lure those customers that are willing to pay a premium, airlines need to create a more pleasant experience.

The design trend takes a cue from one of the most glamorous periods of air travel, when travel meant luxury, dressing up, meals on china and hand-written seating cards.   As airlines try to communicate to consumers that they can offer the chic opulence that is often missing from today’s flight experience, why not channel 1960’s glam?  With an ultra-modern vibe, bright whites with splashes of color, geometric shapes and curved contours, passengers can feel like they are taking a trip back to the golden age of air travel.