Nameplate decorating options

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By Chris Doyle | Jan 21, 2016
Custom nameplate samples

For over 60 years GM Nameplate has been providing custom nameplates and we continually strive to possess the newest technologies in the industry. In order to provide a nameplate for every application, we are equipped with a wide range of decorating options guaranteed to make any nameplate pop. These options include traditional doming, Lensclad doming, diamond carve finishes, spin finishes, brush finishes, and plating.

Domed nameplates are a popular option to give parts a 3 dimensional clear decorative lens over a printed or embossed part. Traditional doming refers to the process of applying liquid urethane that flows out to the edge of a part. This process can be applied to a variety of materials and is very durable. Another option used to create a domed nameplate is Lensclad technology. Lensclad parts are very durable as well, both inside and outdoors, and are typically done for higher volumes of 10,000 parts or more. Different from traditional doming, Lensclad only applies a very thin layer of resin roughly .006-.008” thick.  A Lensclad part can be embossed as well, either before or after the application depending on project requirements.

There are many finishing capabilities at GMN that offer a huge variety of custom options. One of the most commonly used finishes at GMN is diamond carving, also known as copy carve. In this process lines are brushed deeply onto embossed metal nameplates to give the piece a textured look. These brush lines can go in different directions with the ability to create crisscross patterns. GMN is also able to provide spin finishes to metal nameplates with unique patterns created from a selective spin technology. There are also many brush finishes available that give nameplates a brushed metal look and GMN has the capabilities to brush metal in house at different levels from heavy to fine.

Plating technology is used for both ElectraGraphic and electroform nameplates. For ElectraGraphic, plating is done on stainless steel to create a raised or recessed image. When it comes to electroform technology, GMN can provide both 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional nameplates. For 2 dimensional nameplates, nickel and chrome are used to create a low profile freestanding nameplate. For 3 dimensional nameplates, nickel and chrome plating is used to create an image through textures, brush and spin finishes.

By offering a wide variety of decorating options, GMN is able to meet the nameplate needs of any industry application. 

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