More on the New Manufacturing Cell at GMN Aerospace

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By Paul Michaels | Dec 18, 2012
GMN Aerospace Cell

In November, GMN Aerospace launched its new designated aerospace cell. As mentioned in an earlier post, Boeing representatives joined GMN for a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the dedicated area. The launching of the new aerospace cell means that all required disciplines for fabrication of aerospace parts are now all in one dedicated area, in a linear arrangement.

The aerospace cell is located right next to where parts are printed – before the printing was on a different floor. The new location doesn’t just mean improved proximity but also improved overall flow time for routing of jobs and reduced cycle times.

The cell is 100% dedicated to aerospace customers. For our aerospace customers this means increased organization and efficiencies on all of our aerospace projects. We are very excited about the end result of the new Aerospace cell and are looking forward to seeing how it improves our efficiencies and lead times on all Aerospace projects.