More about our new exterior aircraft product – M2TYCOAT™

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By Carlo Mears | Jul 08, 2014
GMN Aerospace M2TYCOAT

We recently announced the release of our newest addition to the Boeing QPL and our first branded product – M2TYCOAT™. GMN Aerospace’s M2TYCOAT was developed specifically for exterior graphic purposes.

Last year the Boeing Company came to GMN Aerospace looking for better alternatives for creating and applying graphics and labels on commercial airplanes. M2TYCOAT offers a one of a kind solution that reduces the wait time due to outgassing cycles faced by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), while suiting the application environments of maintenance, repair and operations (MROs) facilities that don’t allow spraying of paints.

“Today many of our customers are working hard to meet on time delivery requirements. Due to a record number of aircrafts flying, the world’s OEM’s and aircraft painters need products that offer world-class resistance against erosion and performance around the aircraft’s leading edge,” said Paul Michaels, director of GMN Aerospace. “Boeing was one of the OEMs that invited several team members of GMN Aerospace to review the durability of current exterior color graphics and mandatory markings on their newly painted 7 series airplanes. The GMN Aerospace team identified several potential opportunities for improvement.”

M2TYCOAT was developed to provide a unique solution that allows for proper adhesion. Overall the process creates a more durable solution and shortens the turnaround time for each completed aircraft.

The entire GMN team is excited to offer this newly developed solution to better serve the needs of our aerospace customers!

*Photo by April O’Donahue