Monarch and RBH drum badges

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By Dan Swanson | Sep 26, 2016
Thin aluminum drum badges for Monarch and RBH.

When determining the look and design for a custom nameplate or drum badge, a manufacturer must support the design as well as the manufacturing process.

These GMN manufactured Monarch and RBH drum badges are fabricated from thin aluminum and embossed to emphasize the edges and lettering to bring added dimension and pop to the nameplate. However, the challenge with embossing these printed aluminum drum badges was the ink’s tendency to crack.

GMN carefully reviewed this project and selected an appropriate ink system to avoid damaging the ink. Two ink systems are commonly used, UV and solvent-based. With solvent-based ink, the alcohol or solvent is baked out during the curing process, leaving a hard resin. For UV-based ink systems, the printing is subjected to ultraviolet light, catalyzing the ink and creating a robust and durable seal. UV and solvent-curing dries and hardens the printing in a controlled environment, maintaining the consistency and integrity of the final deliverable.

Tight registration is paramount when embossing and fabricating a nameplate. Loose registration can cause misalignment between the embossed features and the ink, creating a cosmetically unacceptable part. Without tight registration, the edges of the drum badges would bleed onto the blue or maroon color of the center and the lettering may appear fuzzy and out-of-focus. Consistent registration targets maintain precise alignment during printing, embossing and fabrication processes to ensure a beautiful product with very little waste.

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