Meet the Lyft Glowstache – Lit by GMN’s Polkastache

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By Cynthia Schulte | Apr 14, 2015
Lyft Glowstache

If Lyft is in your city, you probably know the company for its fuzzy pink moustaches that are strapped to the front of vehicles. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the business, they are pioneers in the transportation industry who have spearheaded the ridesharing movement. 

In early 2015, the company began rolling out updated branding. This included a transition from the furry pink moustache on the front of vehicles to a glowing pink moustache that sits on a driver’s dash. As they put it on the Lyft website, “We’re rolling into 2015 with a brand new look, starting with the Glowstache. As the latest evolution of our iconic mustache, the Glowstache pays tribute to the spirit and personality of the original ’stache while delivering a more sophisticated, illuminated in-car experience.”

While the innovative new Glowstache looks stylish in its simplicity, developing the project was anything but simple. Led by GMN sales representative Scott Ose, it took savvy R&D and engineering to get that glow just right. However, the team at GMN always loves a good challenge.  

The problem was creating uniform glow to the tips of the moustache with just two LED bulbs. To solve the problem, GMN developed a light spreader that would ensure an even distribution of light throughout the product. The fact that the light spreader looks like a clear polka dot moustache or “Polkastache” seems fitting for a fun company like Lyft. However, those polka dots have a purpose as does the paint around the edge. The LEDs are inserted into the center holes and shine through the acrylic. The white dots act as reflectants and push the light forward. The paint around the outside reflects the light back inside allowing it to glow uniformly and smoothly throughout the moustache.  Sounds easy right? Well, it took many variations to get the right aesthetic.  However, we’re delighted with the luminous end result.  

Overall, GMN provides a variety of parts for the Glowstache including adhesives, die cuts components, films, closures and more.  However, we’re most proud of our Polkastache. To learn more about the making of the Glowstache, check out Wired Magazine’s article.