Meet a GMN hero: Saroeun Som

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By gmn_admin | May 16, 2014
GMN hero Saroeun Som

Knowing what to do and how to get it done comes with experience. Saroeun Som, a member of the GM Nameplate receiving department, knows when a product meets GM Nameplate’s quality standards and when it doesn’t. To ensure a quality output, vigilance and accountability start at the beginning of the manufacturing process. Saroeun doesn’t let damaged materials or improper packaging in the door. Even the most negligible defect on a seemingly minor item can have negative ripple effects through the manufacturing process. 

In his role, Saroeun takes care of raw materials that come to GM Nameplate. He’s been with the company since 1988, working first in the stock cutting department and then later with the shipping department getting product out the door correctly for the customer.

Saroeun plays a big part in ensuring GM Nameplate’s lean manufacturing principles are executed properly.  He is the first step in the production process and ensures each department has the right materials and inventory levels to run efficiently. Because of Saroeun, the workplace is better organized, experiences shorter set-up times, and produces less scrap and waste.  This gets passed on to the customer in faster turn-times and better cost per output.  Saroeun understands what it takes to produce a quality product and the steps that need to be taken to get it to the customer efficiently.

“He really knows everything. If he wasn’t here we’d all be in a whole world of hurt. He just knows what to do and gets it done,” says Warehouse Manager, Denny Givens. “Any time Saturday work is needed, he is always there. No question. He is always ready to help out and support.”

All who get to work alongside Saroeun are proud to call him a teammate. His level of commitment to delivering quality is recognized throughout the company, which is what truly makes Saroeun Som a GMN Hero. 

For over half a century GM Nameplate has been serving the manufacturing industry with pride and commitment. To celebrate GM Nameplate’s 60th Anniversary, the team at GM Nameplate decided to shine the spotlight on some of the people who have helped make GM Nameplate and our customers successful.