Meet a GMN hero: Elizabeth DeBravo

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By gmn_admin | Jun 16, 2014
Elizabeth DeBravo

The employees behind the scenes are often the ones that have the biggest impact.  Assembler, Elizabeth DeBravo, is one of those employees.  Her quiet dedication to making the company successful allows GM Nameplate to exceed customer expectations time and time again. 

Elizabeth started at GM Nameplate’s Beaverton, OR Division - Elite Plastics in 1998. She began as a temporary employee and thought she was going to work at GMN for a single day.  Little did she know that one day would turn into a career lasting 16 years and counting. 

She has worked in a number of capacities, which is part of her motivation.  Often times when new jobs require second operations, such as insert molding, screen printing, assembly and sonic welding, Elizabeth is the team member requested by process engineering.

"I like to do different jobs; I like the variety.  I have worked in screen, assembly, insert molding, and packaging. I have done a lot of different things,” says Elizabeth.

When watching her work in the plant, it’s clear she knows what she is doing.  When working on challenging jobs, Elizabeth performs them with ease.  She has become a team leader, often the first person employees come to when they need help.  She portrays competence and commitment as she breezes efficiently from one task to the next. 

“She is very much a valued team member,” says Karen McKee, Elizabeth’s supervisor.

Her understanding of the many positions within the plant allows her to fill in wherever she is needed.  Whether she is pushing to complete an order, picking up the slack to ensure a project stays on timeline, or simply managing day-to-day tasks, Elizabeth brings stringent attention to detail while quickly getting the job done. 

“Elizabeth is a dream employee and you can always rely on her to get the job done.  Whenever we are getting close to a deadline, she is the person we put on the project.  No matter what she’s working on, she does a great job,” says Karen. 

Her work ethic, commitment and reliability is an illustration of the GMN spirit, and every day Elizabeth exemplifies a GMN hero.

For over half a century GM Nameplate has been serving the nameplate manufacturing industry with pride and commitment. To celebrate GM Nameplate’s 60th Anniversary, the team at GM Nameplate decided to shine the spotlight on some of the people who have helped make GM Nameplate and our customers successful.