Meet a GMN Hero: David Butcher

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By gmn_admin | May 30, 2014
GMN Hero David Butcher

Dedication is a term that rings true to the team of employees at GM Nameplate.  Every division and individual plays an important role in the manufacturing production process. 

One GMN employee that exudes loyalty to our customers is David Butcher, an estimator at the Beaverton, OR Division - Elite Plastics.  David’s manufacturing experience spans back to when he first started working at the company in his early twenties.  His dedication is demonstrated daily through his skills, hard work and energetic personality. For the past 26 years, David has watched the company evolve into a multifaceted manufacturing hub that provides a broad array of capabilities for a wide variety of industries.

“We make just about anything. Our mantra is ‘you imagine it, we build it’. We do anything for anyone and adapt to every request,” says David.

Many essential capabilities come to life at the Beaverton, OR Division; custom engineered injection and compression molded parts, value-added assemblies, pad printing, and other plastic decorating. It’s not only our capabilities that make us stand out; it’s an ability to seamlessly simplify our customers’ supply chain while still providing 100% quality assurance. Although the parts may be similar, no two customers have the same project—or in David’s words, “each customer has their own recipe.” He explains that this is why every job is different, every day is different and why he is dedicated to making sure each project comes out just right.

David and his team’s dedication to the customer and innovative approach to delivering new solutions was brought to light during a project that involved making millions of roadside triangle kits for a top-tier customer.

“With a purchase order from a life critical industry, you don’t want the mold to have any issues,”  says David.

During the manufacturing process, the team ran into issues with the material that required the tooling to be cleaned out more often than usual – ultimately slowing the production process. Frustrated with the problem, David struggled to come up with a solution until one night he realized a fix. They needed a way to filter the material before it’s injected into the mold, so he purchased a diversion tip, which made it possible to complete the job on time.

David’s story is a great example of how dedication can drive innovation. One employee was determined to fix a challenging problem and didn’t stop until he found a suitable solution. David’s relentless dedication and commitment to Elite Plastics and its customers is what makes him an exceptional GMN hero.

For over half a century GM Nameplate has been serving the nameplate manufacturing industry with pride and commitment. To celebrate GM Nameplate’s 60th Anniversary, the team at GM Nameplate decided to shine the spotlight on some of the people who have helped make GM Nameplate and our customers successful.