M2TYCOAT exterior aircraft markings log 1,300 hours on Boeing 737

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By Paul Michaels | Apr 21, 2015
M2TYCOAT Logs 1,300 Hours

GMN Aerospace is excited to announce that its first delivered M2TYCOAT parts have logged 1,300 hours* in the air. Last June we announced the launch of our first branded product, M2TYCOAT. M2TYCOAT was specially designed for exterior color graphics and mandatory exterior placards and markers.

After the first delivery of parts for the Boeing 737 in November, M2TYCOAT parts have now logged about 1,300 hours or 400 flights* in the air. The product offers a unique advantage over other exterior graphic processes. M2TYCOAT was developed to offer a versatile solution that drastically reduces OEM time flow issues by addressing outgassing cycles, as well as provide better adhesion and durability for the exterior aircraft environment.

Last summer, M2TYCOAT was also added to the Boeing process specification BAC 5316 “Manufacture of Markers and Placards” Qualified Processors List (QPL). M2TYCOAT has proven to be successful and an efficient process for exterior aircraft markings. We are excited to share more M2TYCOAT milestones and success stories as we continue to offer the benefits of M2TYCOAT to the aerospace industry.

*based off of industry averages.

M2TYCOAT on Plane
M2TYCOAT parts log 400 flights