A look back at GMN's nameplate for Victoria's Secret award-winning perfume package

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By Teresa Synakowski | Nov 18, 2015
Label or applique for perfume bottle

As a manufacturer for the cosmetics industry, GMN partnered with a supplier to Victoria’s Secret to create a branded nameplate for the Victoria Eau de Parfum scent. This fragrance won the 2014 Package & Fragrance of the Year award and the team here at GMN is very excited to have worked on such a well-received part.

Now out of production, we want to look back at the manufacturing processes involved in creating such a complicated part. The nameplate produced by GMN is the silver circular piece that reads “VS” within the center of the decorative bow.

The manufacturing challenges associated with producing this beautiful nameplate include registration and adhesion. Because the nameplate is so small, about the size of a pinky fingernail, lining up the blind embossing with the design was difficult. To solve this, high quality precision tooling was used to provide the intricate design desired on such a small surface size.

Another important consideration before manufacturing a piece is deciding how it will be assembled with the product packaging later on.  This VS miniature plaque has a laminated heat activated adhesive and was then blanked on tape for ease of assembly.  The adhesive is heated when the part is ready to be applied to the package and makes the process a lot faster and cleaner. The benefits of heat activated adhesive don’t end there; it is also clear (without yellowing) so that it can’t be seen through a glass bottle or clear surlyn cap.

GMN is very proud to have been a supplier for an award winning cosmetic package with such unique design requirements.