Introducing new plotter

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By Dave Klinkman | Jan 19, 2016
Flatbed Plotter Cutter

In a continual effort to provide our customers with quality exterior and interior airplane markings, GMN Aerospace is excited about our latest equipment in this area: the flatbed plotter. The plotter cuts out decals that allow for quick and easy application of graphics anywhere on an aircraft. The accuracy and speed of the plotter allows for a faster and more cost effective solution for our customers.

Traditionally, graphics are painted onto a plane using a stencil. The advantage of utilizing paint is its durability, especially when on the exterior of the plane where it’s exposed to harsh weather conditions and high speed winds. Typically paint requires more time and attention to apply. Using a decal is advantageous because it makes the installation process simple, but lacks the durability of paint. Therefore, through the use of the plotter– in conjunction with our exterior product M2TYCOAT™ – we’re striving to find a solution that harnesses the strengths in both practices.

The plotter is accurate, fast and flexible. The bed of the plotter uses a vacuum suction to keep everything flat, and has an automatic advance capability that allows it to handle long lengths of material with sustained precision. A digital file and camera direct the blade to make its swift, precise cuts and give it the ability to generate identical copies effortlessly. The plotter’s blade moves extremely fast and can make both through and kiss cuts. In addition, the plotter is equipped with a pen tool that allows for accurate drawing of dimensions or part numbering information as needed. We are looking forward to see where this new device will take us!