Injection molded flammability placards

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By Frances Newman | Oct 13, 2017
Injection Molded Flammability Placard

As GMN Aerospace continues to pursue plastic opportunities within the aerospace sector, we have become increasingly more involved with the upfront support efforts for a variety of testing applications. Our latest effort has been in response to a frequent request we receive from our customers: to provide molded placards that support Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR 25.853 and 25.856) flammability testing and requirements. Most common tests include heat release, smoke density, insulation flame propagation, and smoke toxicity. These are all regulations that are strictly enforced for aerospace interior applications.

FAR 25.853 is a safety measure that was implemented to ensure fire protection for compartment interiors, and FAR 25.856 was put in place to improve flammability standards for thermal/acoustic insulation materials. All aerospace interior products must pass the FAR ratings for products over three inches.

What does this mean to GMN Aerospace? Currently, we engage in continuous collaboration with our internal dedicated plastics facility and external AS9100 suppliers in order to provide molded plastic placards directly to our customers in a timely fashion. As a result of the large amount of activity and involvement this requires, we have taken the initiative to build our own injection mold that will now produce a 12.00x3.00x0.080” placard. These placards are molded to the specified Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) size requirement for flammability testing in approved labs. Owning our own tooling will allow our team to meet the expeditious timeframes that come along with existing opportunities and open the door for new prospects. We can now offer our customers flammability placards at a much more attractive price and lead time.

In addition, GMN Aerospace was recently invited by a large and local OEM to participate in the procurement of an alternative aerospace resin, which could open the door for additional opportunities. Without the addition of our new tooling, GMN Aerospace would not have been able to take part in this program.