Improving cycle time at GMN Aerospace

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By Paul Michaels | Sep 11, 2012
Aerospace Cell 2012

We are always looking for ways to do everything we do better, smarter and faster. Improving our cycle time not only means getting product to customers faster, but the ability to work on more projects. GMN Aerospace has processes in place to reduce cycle time, which involve collaboration across all departments; administration, art, printing, fabrication, inspection and shipping.

GMN Aerospace recently participated in a Value Stream Team with Boeing. The purpose of the VST is to look for areas to reduce waste, reduce cycle time, and increase productivity, all while maintaining superior quality and on-time delivery.

Since the VST took place in May, projects have been underway to continue improvements. One of the main projects involved the Aerospace Fabrication Cell, which was recently completed. GMN Aerospace has been measuring cycle time since the completion, to compare with past cycle time.

Currently, most aerospace jobs have lead times of about 7 to 15 working days depending on the complexity and manufacturing process. We are proud to share that about 20% of our jobs are completed in 5 days or less.

A group effort made across all disciplines constantly monitors time, rejects, over production, waiting time, unnecessary motion, training, re-certifications, work-area layout, and cross training to identify areas in need of improvement. The result? High quality parts and fast turnaround.