Heart Walk interview on iHeartRadio

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By Turner Prewitt | Oct 01, 2015
Heart Walk Interview

After receiving a heart transplant in 2008 I’ve been involved with the American Heart Association’s annual Puget Sound Heart Walk. Since 2012 I’ve served as the Heart Walk captain of the GMN team. Recently, I was invited to share my story and promote the upcoming Puget Sound Heart Walk live on iHeartRadio and 63 radio stations. This year’s Puget Sound Heart Walk takes place on Saturday, October 17 in Seattle. 

I received the gift of life from a young man who lost his in a car accident. Joseph Galinat was only 18 years old, but was registered as an organ donor before he passed away. I believe that I am here for a reason and a purpose: to volunteer in as many ways as possible to honor this gift and the legacy of Joseph.

The American Heart Association has allowed me to volunteer in several ways – especially as a Heart Walk Team captain at GMN. Our team has grown from 30 walkers in 2012, to 122 in 2014, and 201 this year – the 7th largest team in all of Seattle! We hope to raise $15,000 with matching donations from GMN’s Root Cause program.

Money raised for the AHA through the Heart Walk will go towards research and education concerning heart disease and stroke, which combined claim more lives each year than cancer and car accidents. We can change this. Heart disease is actually on the verge of no longer being the number one killer of Americans, thanks to technological discoveries and education advances spearheaded by the AHA.

During the interview on iHeartRadio, I shared the microphone with Kaysee Hyatt, the mother 2-year-old stroke survivor and founder of Pediatric Stroke Warriors. Kaysee’s daughter Addison suffered a stroke in utero from a blood clot. This may seem rare, but one in 3500 newborns suffer a stroke.

On behalf of the entire GMN and GMN Aerospace team, we are excited to support the American Heart Association at the Heart Walk on October 17! To learn more about the AHA and the Puget Sound Heart walk visit the Heart Walk website.