GMN’s Beaverton, Oregon Division renews AS9100C certification

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By Cynthia Schulte | Dec 15, 2015
AS9100C certification

BEAVERTON, Oregon (December 15, 2015) – GM Nameplate’s Beaverton, Oregon Division has achieved renewal of the AS9100C quality system certification. The AS9100C certification is the quality standard for aerospace applications and is essential for supplying to the industry. As a part of GMN, this certification means that GMN Aerospace applies a quality management system for manufacturing plastic parts and value added assemblies for aerospace applications that meets industry approval.

Bruce Wold, engineering manager of GMN’s Beaverton Division, said of the certification, “With AS9100C certification, we are better able to serve the aerospace industry with improved manufacturing processes. We are proud to have renewed this quality system in order to meet the stringent requirements necessary of producing aerospace parts.”

GMN is committed to providing the highest quality parts and this certification shows a continued commitment to the aerospace industry.