GMN's 2020 custom calendar

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By Chris Doyle | Dec 23, 2019
GMN's 2020 calendar

Continuing the annual tradition of making a calendar for the new year, GMN’s 2020 calendar is unique in several ways. To get inspiration for the new calendar, the team at GMN’s Monroe, NC division first looked at metal decoration trend samples that they had prepared for customers. Combining the GMN logo and colors along with elements from these trending designs, we were able to create a truly modern and exciting calendar for 2020 that demonstrates some of GMN’s unique capabilities.

In order to have the logo pop and add motion to the calendar, the GMN logo was given a selective spin finish that radiates out from the center of the letters. To achieve this effect, the sheet of bright-finish aluminum was screen-printed with a resist layer, allowing the spin finish to be contained solely within the GMN logo. Both the logo and the 2020 were left without any printing, allowing the bright-finish aluminum to truly stand out.

After the spin finish, the calendar was screen printed with a bright white ink and yellow accent colors for the calendar months, as well as a glossy black ink for a visually contrasting background. To add dimension, “GM Nameplate” was then printed in a repeating pattern in matte ink on top of the black background, giving the calendar a subtle two-tone design. The way black ink traps and slightly overlaps the white ink provides a strong visual depth and gives the calendar an embossed look.

A collaborative effort between multiple divisions, the plastic stands that sit on the back were manufactured at GMN China and were applied to each calendar at GMN’s Monroe, NC plant.

GMN is proud to present the 2020 calendar and is excited for the year to come!

Happy holidays!