GMN's 2016 custom metal calendar

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By Samantha Quamma | Dec 08, 2015
GMN’s metal calendar

Over the years, it has been a tradition at GM Nameplate to produce a custom calendar. The 2016 calendar showcases the wide range of GMN capabilities as it was designed in collaboration between our Seattle, North Carolina and China divisions. This year aluminum was chosen to create the metal calendar with a combination of mechanical finishes, 2D electroform and colored ink.  

 This calendar features multiple finishing options, including both spin and brushed. The top strip of the calendar is selectively spin finished; a process in which a small amount of material is removed from the aluminum to create a textured look. The spin finish gives the piece movement as it shows off reflections from light.

 The bottom area of the calendar features a cross brushed selective finish with strokes in two directions. The pressure and grid of the brushing process must be controlled to keep the look of both directions closely matched. Again, the brushing areas were selectively applied.

 It was decided that the top strip would be done in a blue grey color to enhance the silver aluminum. It was difficult to achieve the correct level of ink transparency because the tint needs to be thin enough to show off the spin finish, but also thick enough to show the color. After rounds of testing, an ink balance was achieved that met both requirements.

 The calendar also utilizes 2D electroform in the top strip for both the “GMN” and “2016.” The team dedicated to designing the 2016 calendar is proud to have created a piece that is both sleek and detailed.