GMN Livery Backdrop for Presidential Speech

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By Carlo Mears | Mar 29, 2012
GMN Livery at Presidentail Speech

At GMN we strive to go the extra mile for every customer. However, there is a little extra incentive when you know your work will be the backdrop for the president’s next speech!

Boeing reached out to the GMN requesting a quick turnaround on logo and tail graphics for the exterior of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. They needed to be ready in time for Obama’s visit to the Boeing Everett plant on February 17th and the GMN team was working until the 11th hour to ensure that the rush job was completed on time yet still met Boeing’s visual and technical requirements.

The final artwork was turned over to aerospace group and our superGraphics division on Wednesday and within 24-hours they were ready. We had a representative on site working side by side with Boeing to install the livery until 10:00 p.m. the night before Obama’s visit. The exterior of the plane was looking top notch by Friday morning for the arrival of the president and spectators.

With such a tight a turnaround, there was excitement, adrenaline, and perhaps a little stress, but nothing can beat seeing your work behind president on television. Congratulations to the whole GMN team for a job well-done!

Below is a link to an article with great photos of the work which included the Boeing logos and United Airlines tail graphics.

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