GMN Expands Quality Department

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By Cynthia Schulte | Feb 25, 2013
Quality Department Expansion

SEATTLE, WA – February 25, 2013 – GM Nameplate, parent to GMN Aerospace, announces staffing changes within the company’s quality department.

Martin Espinola, the current Director of Quality for the Seattle, Washington Division of GM Nameplate has been promoted to Corporate Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs. Michael Wodrich has been hired as the new Director of Quality for the Seattle Division. In addition, three members of the quality team have recently completed their Six Sigma Black Belt exams.

The changes within the quality department reflect GM Nameplate’s commitment to providing the exceptional manufactured parts.  GMN continues to serve more companies in highly regulated industries such as automotive, aerospace and medical, which require the stringent adherence to quality measures. The expanded quality department and continuing education efforts underscore GM Nameplate’s pledge to better serving the needs of customers through improved processes and efficiencies.

“In many of the industries that GM Nameplate serves, quality is of the utmost importance,” said Bruce Cleckley, Chief Executive Officer of GM Nameplate.  “We have a very talented team of quality experts. In his new position, Martin Espinola will be taking the best practices from across GM Nameplate and implementing them in all of our manufacturing facilities. GM Nameplate strives for continuous performance improvement both in our quality department and across the company.”

Martin Espinola has been a member of the GM Nameplate family for over 9 years and has more than 35 years of manufacturing experience in multiple industries subject to ISO 9001, AS9100, and ISO 13485. He has been a consultant in Lean Manufacturing and holds certificates in Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Project Management. He is also certified as an internal auditor for AS9100C (Aerospace Auditing) and lead auditor for ISO 9001:2008 with a medical device focus (ISO 13485:2003). Over the last 7 years Martin has lead the development of GM Nameplate’s validation procedures for regulated products and processes during the company’s rapid growth in manufacturing of components for aerospace and medical devices.

Michael Wodrich has been hired to replace Martin Espinola as Director of Quality for the Seattle Washington Division of GM Nameplate.  Michael is an internationally experienced professional in operations management, project leadership, performance improvement and quality systems.  He has an impressive record of delivering breakthrough results utilizing lean thinking principles, performance measurement and analysis skills.  Michael has developed, led and executed numerous project management initiatives, business process optimizations and system implementations. GM Nameplate is pleased to welcome Michael to the company and is confident that Michael will be a valuable addition to its professional management staff.

In addition, GM Nameplate is increasing its emphasis on quality management principles and supporting additional training for employees, with three new employees sitting for the Six Sigma exam. Six Sigma is a measurement-based process control strategy that seeks to eliminate defects and standardize procedures. Six Sigma certification is available to those that have proven that they have a thorough understanding of the Six Sigma principles and are able to lead projects utilizing those strategies. GM Nameplate is working to increase the number of employees trained in Six Sigma to better serve customers and to maintain the company’s reputation for producing high quality manufactured parts and assemblies.

About GMN Aerospace

As a key part of GM Nameplate, GMN Aerospace is a recognized worldwide leader in the manufacture of mandatory markings and sub-assemblies for the entire aircraft. This includes interior and exterior mandatory markings, component supplier for passenger service units (PSU), custom plastic injection molded components, and aerospace sub-assemblies. Since receiving its first Boeing order in 1960, GM Nameplate has provided Boeing and the aerospace industry with high-quality products and continues to build on its collaborative relationship with top aerospace companies. Quality and delivery are the core focus to all GM Nameplate’s custom products.