GMN China provides automotive badging for Land Rover

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By Gerry Gallagher | May 20, 2015
Thin domed Lensclad badging and ornamentation

GM Nameplate has had the opportunity to work with one of the oldest luxury four wheel drive vehicles in the automotive industry. The iconic brand, Land Rover, is in the process of making great strides into the Chinese automotive industry and the team at GMN’s China facility is helping bring their badge to life by manufacturing their steering wheel ornamentation.

The steering when badge utilizes lensclad thin doming, a manufacturing process that adds a protective urethane coating over the top of the part.  Due to the complexity of manufacturing thin domed parts, Land Rover China had been importing their nameplate badges from a European supplier.  Through collaboration with GMN China, a domestic manufacturing solution was possible, without the high cost of sourcing overseas. This has dramatically simplified Land Rover’s supply chain for vehicles in the Chinese market.

In addition to high cosmetic standards, the part needed to pass stringent automotive specification requirements. Land Rover needed to ensure that their branding would stand up to heavy use and look just as good after years of use as it did when it rolled out of the factory. To do so, GMN’s parts were tested to the highest performance standards. The badging from GMN stood up to extreme conditions including resistance to scuffing, scraping, and moisture. 

The Land Rover badging is created from a mirror finish aluminum that is screen printed with Land Rover’s corporate color “British Racing Green.” Below the thin doming, there is a subtle emboss on the perimeter of the font. Together with the mirror finish, it gives off an understated luxury, which is in line with Land Rover’s design language and identity.

The customer is delighted with the quality of the airbag ornamentation and our ability to distinguish them from the rest of the competition. This is a prime example of GMN’s total solution to successfully integrate out various processes to create a unique look for our customer.

While GMN’s North American automotive team, GMN Automotive, has been manufacturing automotive badging and ornamentation for years, this was GMN China’s first foray into the product category. While the project required a relatively short time from the development to manufacturing, it was a resounding success. GMN is the first supplier in China that is able to produce a thin doming nameplate that can pass Land Rover’s stringent testing.