GMN Automotive’s functional and visual coating and ink treatments

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By Richard Smylie | Aug 30, 2016
Custom coating and ink solutions

GMN Automotive offers performance-driven coating and ink solutions to protect branding components from the severe environments they are required to endure.

Whether a part resides on the vehicle’s interior, exterior, or under the hood, there are a variety of environmental conditions to consider to ensure the sustainability of a product over its lifetime. Within the automotive industry, coatings and inks have become a vital addition to prevent parts from yellowing, blistering, or cracking under extreme temperatures or caustic conditions. However, coatings used for parts exposed to high temperatures would not be appropriate for parts repeatedly subjected to salt spray. Therefore, GMN Automotive’s coatings and inks are custom-formulated by our in-house chemists and lab technicians in order to fit an application’s specific functional and visual requirements.

It is important to note that coatings and inks have both a visual and functional side. GMN Automotive offers a wide set of custom finishes and textures able to achieve any visual intent, including color, gloss, and hardness. However, coatings serve functional purposes as well, such as UV, superior scuff, mar, scratch, and chemical resistance. Additionally, GMN Automotive’s coatings and inks are durable yet flexible, which is extremely beneficial during the fabrication process.

Coatings and inks can be adhered to an array of different metal, sheet plastic, and glass materials. GMN Automotive can entirely or selectively deposit coatings and inks onto materials through a variety of methods including spray, screen printing, off-set printing, digital printing, and pad printing.

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