GMN Automotive branding update

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By Lauren Rowles | Apr 28, 2016
GMN Automotive launches new branding

GMN Automotive is excited to unveil our refreshed brand logo!

Over the years, GMN Automotive has built its reputation on being a dedicated group devoted to providing premium service and solutions to the automotive industry. However, it can be difficult at times to remember that GMN Automotive and GM Nameplate (GMN) are one and the same. Therefore, GMN Automotive has changed our look on the outside to better reflect how we operate on the inside.

The GMN Automotive logo has evolved to emulate GMN’s corporate logo and style elements. We updated our brand to better align GMN Automotive with GMN as a whole in order to represent both as one unified company. We believe this cohesive brand identity illustrates our stability as a company and the full breadth of capabilities we can offer our customers. GMN Automotive shares GMN’s diverse product offerings and customer base, and as a result, GMN Automotive continues to expand the solutions we offer to the automotive industry. Learn more about GMN Automotive’s capabilities here.

Our new logo can now be found throughout all of our communication channels and marketing materials. This new branding embodies who our company is today, and what we are going to achieve in the future. Although our branding has changed, GMN Automotive has not. GMN Automotive will continue to be solely committed to serving the needs of the automotive industry.

We would like to thank all of our employees and customers for their continued support!