GMN Aerospace’s new capacitive touch demonstrator

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By Lauren Rowles | Nov 01, 2016
Capacitive Touch Demonstrator

With the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets, non-tactile touch technology has become the expectation in today’s marketplace. Consumers are accustomed to interacting with touchscreen user interfaces on a daily basis. This transition has caused industries to shift to capacitive switch technology.

Capacitive switch technology provides a cost-effective solution for modern product designs. This technology has many advantages compared to more mature technologies, such as keyboards and membrane switches, including:

  • Improved aesthetic and sleek design
  • No moving parts resulting in a longer switch life
  • Thinner stack-up
  • Easier to clean product

To learn more about capacitive switch technology, visit our capacitive switch page.

The aerospace industry has quickly found ways to implement capacitive switch technology into the aircraft cabin. From seatback displays to cabin control panels, this technology can essentially replace any tactile button found on an aircraft today. Additionally, the increasing popularity of incorporating LED lighting in aircraft interior designs presents numerous opportunities for capacitive switch solutions as well.

As experts in this cutting-edge technology, GMN Aerospace has recently been working on a variety of projects involving capacitive switches. We also offer a wide range of complimentary capabilities, including printing with silver, carbon, and light transmissive inks and laminating capacitive switches to curved surfaces. To ensure that our capacitive switch products meet industry standards, our optical bonding technologies, as well as the glass and polycarbonate we bond to, all pass the Head Impact Collision (HIC) test.

GMN Aerospace is excited to announce the release of our new capacitive touch demonstrator. This innovative demo unit allows customers to explore the variety of capacitive switch capabilities that GMN has available, including non-tactile power buttons and colored backlighting.