GMN Aerospace supplies graphics for “Frozen” themed WestJet plane

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By Elise Harrington | Oct 21, 2015
Frozen Plane

GMN Aerospace has many years of experience producing and installing large format exterior graphics for commercial airplanes. Last year we highlight a number of our exterior graphic projects in this blog. Recently we got to the chance to create possibly the “cool”est graphics yet!

Last week WestJet and Disney unveiled their newest aircraft inspired by Disney’s film “Frozen.” The plane features custom painting and graphics of the film’s main characters – Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. The plane was painted in Fort Worth, TX. GMN Aerospace was on site during the installation process which merged the printed graphics with airbrush painted to create the design. Prior to printing the graphics, GMN Aerospace worked with WestJet’s team and paint supplier to assure proper interaction with the materials used.

In celebration of the new aircraft WestJet held and unveiling event and shared a time-lapse video of the painting and graphic installation. We can’t wait to see what graphics we’ll create next!