GMN Aerospace Plastic Capabilities

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By Cynthia Schulte | Jun 11, 2013
GMN Aerospace Oregon

Earlier this year GM Nameplate’s GMN Plastics division received AS9100C certification. The approval certifies that GMN Plastics quality system meets the standards of AS9100C. For our aerospace customer this means we that our plastic molded and decorated components for the aerospace industry are now produced with a certified quality system.

In addition to the quality system certification, GMN Plastics was recently added to the BAC 5321 “Process Specification for Injection Molding of Thermoplastic Parts” qualified processor list (QPL). Since the aerospace industry is highly regulated, we are currently ready for production of Class I and Class II parts under the QPL.

Class I refers to injection molded parts needing only one qualification to the process specification in addition to the Boeing QPL. These parts require standard aerospace quality requirements and first part approval (FPA) with customer engineering. Class II parts require first part qualification (FPQ) from the Boeing Company for each part configuration. Boeing engineers must approve processor’s sampling test plan in order to reach FPQ. Typically, FPQ for Class II parts does not commence until the processor has been approved through a general process qualification.

Within Class I and Class II parts under the BAC 5321 QPL there are 4 types of parts:

  • Type I – Interior parts with decorative surfaces
  • Type II – Interior parts without decorative surfaces
  • Type III – Exterior parts with decorative surfaces
  • Type IV – Exterior parts without decorative surfaces

Currently, GMN Plastics primary expertise within aerospace injection molding applies to interior aircraft parts. GMN Plastic’s newest molder, the German made Arburg 440 ton machine, allows GMN Plastics to injection mold parts having a cumulative surface area of up to 90 inches squared.

GMN Plastic’s aerospace products group has a proven track record of delivery high quality parts on time, in both the aerospace and medical industries. The new qualifications and certifications are very exciting GMN Aerospace as it allows us to grow our capabilities and better serve our Aerospace customers.