GMN Aerospace mentioned in PSBJ Article

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By Elise Harrington | May 12, 2014
PSBJ Article

Recently the Puget Sound Business Journal published an article discussing The Boeing Company’s supplier-cost-cutting program and its significance for Boeing’s future. The article reference the company’s Partnering for Success program and how it’s for The Boeing Company to maintain tighter growing cost objectives for overall aircraft manufacturing.

For some suppliers, the Partnering for Success program is seen as an obstacle – unable to meet the extensive cost-cuts requested by Boeing. The program is intended to cut suppliers’ costs to Boeing by 15 percent (for most). However Boeing CEO Jim McNerney believes it isn’t “just a pricing squeeze, but something more collaborative that will help Boeing and its suppliers run viable business operations in an increasingly price-conscious market.”

At GMN Aerospace we are already taking to steps to meeting and exceed the Boeing cost cutting initiatives. Thanks to our continuous improvement and value stream team efforts it will be possible to support Boeing’s needs.

The article also features a picture of Carlo Mears, vice president of GMN Aerospace, meeting with Kent Fisher, vice president and general manager for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Mears met with Kent Fisher to reiterate GMN Aerospace’s commitment to The Boeing Company and how we plan to support them through the Partnering for Success program and more.

Our commitment to our customers is a big part of our value proposition at GMN Aerospace. As the aerospace industry continues to change, GMN Aerospace is ready and able to adapt and evolve to continue serving all our customers.