GMN Aerospace holds first non-production VST workshop (part 2 of 2)

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By Paul Michaels | Oct 11, 2016
Non-Production VST

On the week of September 26th-30th, GMN Aerospace conducted a Value Stream Team (VST) event that was focused on our customer service department. In the past, we have held several VST events to improve our production processes, but this was the first time we have had one focused on the office and administration side. Our goal was to make every step of the customer service process more efficient and reduce our overall processing time for large orders by 50%. Read more about our initial goals for this VST event in part one of this blog series here.

The workshop was made up of members of the GMN Aerospace team who are actually involved in these customer service processes. Additionally, this was the fourth VST event that we have done in collaboration with Brian McCarthy of The Boeing Company. During the workshop, our team looked at our current customer service procedure and broke it down by main processes: quoting, order processing, and order preparation for manufacturing. We then identified the inefficiencies and areas in which we could improve, and listed out plans for how to remedy these roadblocks, such as by implementing new software or going paperless.

In the end, this administrative VST workshop allowed us to successfully streamline our customer service process. Our new process will save us over 19,000 hours and half a million pieces of paper per year. However, our plan includes both short and long term projects, so we will be holding weekly meetings to ensure that our new improvement goals are accomplished.

GMN Aerospace continues to hold these VST events because we are committed to our customers. We continuously strive to improve our processes and eliminate waste so that we can be the best supplier possible. This most recent VST event was particularly important because we wanted to take better care of our customers upfront. As a result, we have taken another step down the path to becoming a well-rounded Lean organization.

Customer Service VST
The team broke down the current customer service process and found opportunities for improvement.