GMN Aerospace holds first non-production VST workshop (part 1 of 2)

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By Paul Michaels | Aug 23, 2016
First Non-Production VST Event

Due to our Lean Manufacturing initiative and dedication to continuous improvement, GMN Aerospace continually strives to enhance and refine our processes in order to increase efficiency, performance, and customer satisfaction. In recent months, GMN Aerospace has been involved in several Value Stream Team (VST) events concerning our manufacturing processes. During these VST workshops, we take a look at our current process in a certain area and create a plan on how to make it better.

On September 26-30th, GMN Aerospace will be conducting its first non-production VST workshop focusing on the aerospace customer service department. The aerospace customer service department is the front line for customer interaction and support, as well as the liaison between the manufacturing plant and our customers.

Our ultimate goal for this VST event is to cut our overall processing time in half, while keeping our internal customers (printing, fabrication, and final inspection) happy and without sacrificing on-time delivery or quality ratings.

Following the VST event, check back in to discover what we accomplished during the workshop.