GMN Aerospace Garmin workshop and team building at GMN Plastics

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By Mary Corrales | Sep 20, 2017
Garmin Co-Divisional Workshop

Throughout the past 15 years, GMN Aerospace and GMN’s dedicated plastics facility in Beaverton, OR have worked together to support many different product lines for Garmin, a technology company that supplies GPS navigation and wearable technology to several industries, including aerospace.

Since both divisions put a great deal of effort into building these parts, a Garmin workshop was planned to take place at Elite Plastics. At this workshop, our partners at Elite Plastics were able to take a close look at the molding processes manufactured at the Seattle, WA Division. Leveraging lessons learned from similar focused workshops in the past, the GMN Aerospace team decided to travel down to the Beaverton, OR Division to take part in two days of the workshop. This provided another great opportunity for our two divisions to work closely and effectively towards the same common goal.

During GMN Aerospace’s visit, the entire team went on a factory tour. We had the honor of being toured by Dan Thurmond, President of Elite Plastics. Dan gave us an in-depth overview of their fascinating plant, the equipment, their capabilities, and the way the facility runs. Our team was even able to help put printed inlays into the injection molding tool. The opportunity to work with the machine operators closely really gave us a better understanding on how the processes work and various challenges can occur.

This workshop provided both educational and team-building opportunities for the GMN Aerospace team and our Beaverton, OR Division. We are proud to strengthen our intercompany relationships in order to continue to enhance our ability to work together effectively and efficiently.

Pictured above (from left to right): Aruna Raghuraman, Fran Newman, Reich Baltazar, Dave Hauskins, Paul Michaels, Mary Corrales, Jeff Root, Todd Boedecker, Chris Passanante, Jess Kriegel